This website page will my showcase art, design and creative projects.
I’m a designer making art that experiments with ideas and styles. I’ve got 12+ years in the design industry, but feel more like an unorthodox closets artist and businesswoman. I love the idea to change the world for the better, but since it seems a bit of a mission for a superhuman, I’ll create art in the meantime. I love conceptual and beautiful sci-fi movies, and hopefully, I’ll win a lottery to go to Mars. And yes, I don’t do third person marketing paragraphs.

To buy an original (or for limited prints), email to contact@beautifulaccess.co.za to find out more.

Or visit my online store for prints and products society6.com/beautifulaccess

For more about my design services, go to www.zanlidejager.com, or email for a quote.

Would you like me to create more art? I'm hoping to create more artworks, but finance is always an challenge especially in a developing economic changeling country like South Africa. So, please feel free to donate on my PayPal account here. I will be forever gratefull and creativly satisfied.

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